Haubstadt, IN - February 04, 2019.  Officials of the Brandeis Midwest Sprint Car Series met Sunday to review the content of the new 2019 rule book.  These rules were adopted by the MSCS Rules Committee at a previous meeting.  Revisions to the rules and any new provisions were explained and discussed.  With the rule book in release, this set of rules will be in effect as the 2019 racing season begins.


     Drivers purchasing Brandeis MSCS driver licenses will receive a copy of the rule book at that time.  License applications will be available by the last week of February.  A complete set of these rules are posted each season on line at www ., the official site for the series.  Printed copies of the rule book are available by mail order.  Please send name and address along with a check or money order for $5.00 to the Midwest Sprint Car Series at 4353 South State Road 57 in Oakland City, IN, 47660. 


     Those wanting to check for modifications or changes to the rules should visit the INFORMATION section on the MSCS website.  You will find that rule 10 on suspension adjustments will now permit the driver to make those adjustments from the cockpit.  There were not that many changes for the coming season.  Rules 12, 13, 14, 37, and 43 do have changes for clarification.  Those rules primarily cover safety, restarts, and repairs.   


    Any further changes made to the rules and or policies that the officials follow in conducting Brandeis MSCS sanctioned events will be explained at the drivers meeting prior to each race.  That first race of the season will be at the Tri-State Speedway on Saturday April 13th.  That date is for the annual Spring Showdown which is co-sanctioned with both USAC and MSCS sprint car drivers competing.  


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