Haubstadt, IN - March 05, 2019 - The Brandeis Midwest Sprint Car Series announced a change today that affects the season post race awards package. A sponsorship deal has been confirmed that will reward the driver that is verified as the Hard Charger for the feature race. The driver who moves up the most spots in each of the 20 features will receive $100. The award will be known as the “CERTIFIED RENTAL HARD CHARGER AWARD.” Over the season that opportunity adds up to an additional $2,000 in available money for drivers to race for.

CERTIFIED RENTAL is a division of Brandeis. CERTIFIED RENTAL is equipped with a rental fleet exceeding 1000 machines. This service provides for the rental of large earthmoving equipment as well as construction and utility equipment throughout the south, east, and midwest from 14 locations in four states: Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Earlier this year MSCS announced that Brandeis would serve as the official series sponsor for 2019. Thus the series is now referred to as the Brandeis Midwest Sprint Car Series. Major sponsorship from Brandeis will help provide an increased MSCS driver point fund.

Brandeis Machinery sells, services, and rents mining and construction equipment, products, and services. The Louisville, KY, business has eight different locations in Kentucky and Indiana.

The 2019 schedule has 20 sanctioned Brandeis MSCS non-wing sprint car races in the offering. This season’s first race is set to be held on Saturday night April 13th. That is opening night at the Tri-State Speedway and the race is co-sanctioned with the United States Auto Club sprint cars. The feature that night will pay $5,000 to win.

The Brandeis Midwest Sprint Car Series will be entering a 19th consecutive year of operation. This upgrade to the Hard Charger of the Race award from Certified is one of the additional benefits drivers can expect as the new season unfolds.

Fans have long recognized the excitement produced as drivers press to get their cars through traffic, take on the ever increasing challenges in catching faster cars, and make the passes to get them to the front at the finish line. For example last season eleven different drivers were recognized as the Hard Charger of the Race. Carson Short, Robert Ballou, and Thomas Meseraull passed 13 competitors on three different nights to tie in setting the high mark. Champion Carson Short was named as the MSCS Hard Charger of the Year 2018 after having passed the most cars on four different nights.

CERTIFIED RENTAL has stepped up to add their support to the overall appreciation for the MSCS brand of exciting sprint car racing. Visit or to find other relative information and timely updates.

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