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Officials of the Midwest Sprint Car Series announced today, October 19, that the series will be ceasing operations effective immediately. This past 2023 race season is the final year as an operating sanctioning body.


The series began in 2001 and along the way featured many legendary drivers. However, it was the weekend drivers and those just starting out who made the series great as MSCS provided them the opportunity to learn and win meaningful races and championships.


Series owner Tom Helfrich said, “MSCS was a very good series with more than its share of memorable moments and competitive racing teams. When we purchased the series, we felt there was a need to continue and build upon what the foundation of the series was as it moved forward.  In recent years, there have been fewer drivers who were able to follow the entire series because of other commitments and more choices to race elsewhere. The sport itself has changed since 2001, and we feel we are at a point going forward that we cannot continue to deliver the value we feel is up to our standards, and that is the main reason for our decision. Hopefully, in our past 20 years we have brought success to promoters, racers, and enjoyment to the fans. We want to thank all involved for their time, dedication, and support throughout the years.”


Helfrich, who also promotes Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN added, “Our sport is alive and well. Everyone should understand and be assured that Tri-State Speedway will continue to provide sprint car racing along with other race events as in the past. Our goal is still the same - we are ready and willing to work with all involved for the continued growth of non-wing sprint car racing at our track.”



After a tight points battle and multiple changes throughout the season, Kayla Roell was named the 2023 MSCS champion and the 2023 Rookie of the Year at the Harvest Cup event at Tri-State Speedway on October 14. Congratulations to Kayla! Thanks to all the drivers and teams for coming out to race with the MSCS series in 2023. 



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