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2023 MSCS Annual

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New annual Midwest Sprint Car Series Driver Licenses are now available.  Drivers who do not already hold a current driver license will need to purchase an annual license or a temporary permit at registration in order to participate in a MSCS sanctioned event.  To earn MSCS series points in 2023, drivers must be licensed. 

The annual license can be purchased in advance of the season, at the first race, or at any of the subsequent races. Once purchased, MSCS annual licenses are valid for each race the rest of the season. A temporary permit purchased at a track is good only on the date of that race. The annual license fee has been set at $100 this year. Temporary Permits cost $25 per show. The purchase of an annual license is recommended to all drivers who do plan to compete multiple times at MSCS races.

To purchase a license by mail, a check or money order for $100 must be sent to MSCS along with a completed application form (see below for link). 


MSCS is offering ANNUAL LICENSES at the reduced price of $75 in a pre-season promotion.  However this offer is only valid through April 1, 2023.  Beginning April 2nd, all licenses will cost the regular price of $100 by mail or at the track. 


If purchasing a license at the track, MSCS would recommend that drivers complete a printed application prior to arriving at the track. Having this form completed in advance would save time at registration.

The address to use in requesting or submitting an application is:

Midwest sprint Car Series, c/o Kevin Bayer

1756 North Shiloh Road

Jasper, IN 47546

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